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Sahara Sunday Spain

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Sahara Sunday Spain 




Sahara Sunday Spain

    I was born in 1991 and by the year 1995 I was reciting my own poetry into the answering maching because I could not yet write.  My very first book was published in January 2001 and I was at the young age of nine.  I was a third grader at the Nueva School for the gifted.  My mother, a famous photographer, Elizabeth Sunday has been my support throughout my life.  She protected me while the book was being published by not allowing me to see the news clippings until I reached the age thirteen.  My Father was a Black Panther and was in prison, he hasn't had very much impact in my life due to this. He and my mother have been divorced since I was one.  A lot of people were impressed with my work and couldn't believe that I was only nine years old.  I live in West Oakland in a loft with my mother.  A lot of things inspire me and I pretty much right about whatever touches my heart. If There Would Be No Light has been my only book published.




 A poem of mine:

Time Change

Yesterday is Today,

and today is tomarrow,

because yesterday changed

places with today.


Yesterday is today

because yesterday, changed into

today which is going to change

into tomarrow.


And today is tomarrow because

yesterday became today, so

today will become tomarrow.


-Interperted by Jessica Sisco

This poem is saying to live today for today and we should enjoy the day.  Not wait for tomarrow or wait for the future.  We should also not dwell on the past. We should move on, move forward.

My home page is:


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 Sahara Sunday Spain

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